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Women in Tech Worldwide: Iceland

Icelandic women in technology are about to get a massive boost in funding for the future of technology in the Nordic island nation. According to Bloomberg, “Iceland’s female-led venture capital firm Crowberry Capital has launched $90 million in technology startups in the Nordics, including by women entrepreneurs.” This is a massive win for the technology sector of Iceland, and more specifically women in technology in Iceland. With this extra funding from Crowberry Capital, backed by the European Investment Fund, women seeking to open technology-centered businesses in Iceland, will be put in a much better position financially than their counterparts in other countries.

Crowberry Capital is no newcomer to promoting women into advanced roles in their investments. According to Bloomberg, “… a third of the 15 companies backed have female chief executive officers.” This is a major aspect and goal of the investment company with one co-founding member saying, “We see things from a female perspective and thus perhaps spot opportunities overlooked by others in this space.”

A second funding event aimed at replenishing the fund is scheduled for July of 2022 with aim of bringing in an additional $40 million.

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