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Your dreams are bigger than your current job

Step away from your dead-end job and transform yourself into a technology leader when you make the switch to technology project leadership; you’ll enter a career where you’ll be in demand, can advance quickly, and be compensated well.

We'll help you break through

You may have never thought about a tech career, or maybe you just didn’t think it was for you. We’re here to change that thinking. You’re exactly who tech needs: someone who’s smart, assertive, organized, communicates well, and knows how to get people moving to get things done.

What exactly does a technology project leader do?

​When you’re a technology project leader, you can take on a variety of roles, from team lead, to IT project manager, to Scrum master, to technology lead, and more. Regardless of the specific title, you’ll coordinate and mobilize a team to create and improve software, apps, and websites.


You’ll ensure expectations are clear, set team members up for success, and make sure your team delivers a quality product. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn to code.


Taking the journey

Here’s what your experience as a Transcendio explorer will look like:



Candidate with relevant work experiences and skills

Take Position Success Indicator (PSI) assessment to evaluate fit

Receive meaningful opportunities to demonstrate personality fit, drive, and commitment

Gain practical, essential training in technology and how to succeed in modern IT environments and roles

Presented to client organization for placement in a tech leadership role

Receive guided mentorship and make connections with extended support network


Keep your current job and manage your life while you gain new skills and knowledge.


Your Journey takes just a few
weeks from initial evaluation
to placement.


We make money when we
successfully place you with a
client, so you pay nothing.

Wondering if you can really do this?

We have your back. Your first role will probably be in a more supported position, such as project coordinator or associate project manager, where you’ll learn from senior tech leaders as you help them succeed. You’ll immediately be able to apply your skills, plus what you’ve learned about working in tech environments. Transcendio provides one-on-one support for your first few months and a lifelong network of Transcendio Explorers. As you grow and advance in your career, you will be able to help others just beginning their Journeys.

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