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10 Techniques to Combat Procrastination

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. It is a common issue

that nearly everyone deals with in both professional and at-home settings. Studies suggest that procrastination chronically affects 20% of adults and that, approximately 25% of adults consider procrastination to be a defining personality trait.

If you’re reading this blog, you too might be procrastinating. Should you be doing something else right now other than reading this blog? Do you struggle with procrastination? If you do, you’re in luck! Brought to you by Solving Procrastination, here are ten techniques to combat procrastination.

  • Break Tasks into Manageable Steps: Create sub-steps for large projects.

  • Commit to a Tiny First Step: Start your work for just a couple of minutes.

  • Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes: Accept that your work will not be perfect and that mistakes are okay.

  • Prepare: Proper preparation makes tasks easier and seems less difficult.

  • Make Tasks Enjoyable: Listen to music while you work or work with a friend.

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  • Make it Harder to Procrastinate: Remove triggers like TVs and Phones.

  • Set Deadlines: Set realistic and narrow deadlines that can be reached in a few days or hours.

  • Increase Your Motivation: Put sticky notes around your desk or mark streaks of days in which you achieve your goals.

  • Start with your Best Task: By starting with your best task you give yourself the confidence to move forward to the next.

  • Take Breaks: Set a timer and take breaks at a reasonable amount.

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