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What Does it Mean to be a Hard Worker and How do You Spot One?

We often hear the term “hard worker” in the technology or professional world to describe someone who overperforms or overachieves in the workplace. There is no blueprint or directions on how to become a hard worker, yet we still describe people as hard workers or hardworking people. We are taught from a young age that you can achieve success in life by becoming a hard worker but what does it really mean to be a hard worker and how do you spot one? Brought to you by the FairyGodBoss, here are nine signs of what it means to be a hard worker and how to spot one.

Gosh she is such a hard worker

She works so hard

We have all heard these statements before, either about yourself or a coworker, but what does being a hard worker involve? What can we do to become one? There’s no single or right answer for all circumstances, but here are a few ways to recognize one:

  • They put a great deal of effort into their work, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

  • They put in extra-long hours.

  • They work at a high intensity, completing a large amount of work in little time.

  • They’re diligent and consistent, maintaining high standards above the average level.

  • They plan and organize their work to be as productive as possible.

  • They take the initiative in the workplace identifying opportunities to produce work.

  • They’re highly focused and maintain concentration.

  • They keep going, giving 100% on all their work.

  • They do their work with a smile on their face and have a good attitude towards their profession.

Choose the ways that you want to work hard based on the nature of the tasks and your ultimate goal. Always ask yourself why you want or need to work hard. If you’re doing it to impress your boss and earn more money, putting in the overtime could be the right way to go. Regardless, hard work is not easy, but by putting yourself in a position to better yourself and your business, you are guaranteed to succeed.

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