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Website in the Spotlight:

In past published pieces, we have looked into corporations and other businesses initiatives to help bridge the gap between minorities in technology and the current sectors’ workforce. We have picked apart diversity, equity, and inclusion impact reports from some of the richest and largest corporations in the world. But today, we stay online and dive into a group that could be considered the silent minority in technology, the LBGTQ. We’ll put the website in the spotlight and find out what is doing to help the silent minority gain ground in the tech world and what the future may hold.

According to their official website, “LGBT Tech is a diverse team of experts from multiple backgrounds that belong in the LGBTQIA+ community. Grounded in empirical research, we develop programs and resources that support LGBTQ+ communities and work to educate organizations and policymakers on the unique needs LGBTQ+ individuals face when it comes to tech”. While surfing their website I found a lot of great information about not only their mission statement but also about the team of people who made this organization possible. The website was easy to maneuver and offered a great space to read up on some LGBTQ tech news, they even had a blog which I thought was fantastic!

In their research tab, I found great interest in reading about their PowerOn program. This program, according to their website “…conducts research with the organizations that were granted technology through the PowerOn program to better understand the impact of technology in the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals”. To read the full report from PowerOn click here. Through this research and through the efforts of executive director Christopher Wood and his team, the future for LGBTQ+ individuals in the tech community looks brighter and brighter each day.

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