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Returning to Work? 3 Tips to Make the Transition Less Stressful

A return to a normal, pre-pandemic, life is on the horizon. With states across the country encouraging in-person work once again, many employees are making the commute back to work, dusting off their desks, and warming their lunches in the break room microwave once again. But a return to work does not need to be a headache. Here are 3 tips brought to you by fenews, that will help make that transition from home office to work office less stressful.

1. Know what support is available to you

While we have been away from the workplace, many companies have updated their policies and procedures. Familiarize yourself with updated regulations in health and safety. Be on the lookout for updated guidance in office cleanliness, wellbeing guides, and other policies aimed at creating a more comfortable and friendly workplace environment. By reading and understanding these critical updated measures, you can prepare yourself for the workday and spend more time on tasks necessary for your company.

2. Routine

The pandemic has altered everyone’s life in some way. Changing work schedules, sleep patterns, and mealtimes have all been fixed to our schedules, but it’s time to reinstate our work patterns. Give yourself time when bringing back our normal routines. Changing things like sleep patterns and mealtimes will happen gradually as your body readjusts to its pre-pandemic mode. Know your body's attempt to get back into rhythm. Reestablish normal bedtimes and try to eat your meals in accordance to work. These steps will help you renew your pre-pandemic routine and make that transition easier.

3. Be kind to yourself

Be kind to your mind and your body as you return to work. Take advantage of the breaks that you get throughout the day. Exercise is key when tackling stress so when you have a chance, go for a ten-minute walk. If you started a stress-relieving hobby while in lockdown or during the pandemic, continue doing that. It is never too late to take up new hobbies and everyone has different interests. Curb those negative thoughts and self-doubt by being kind to yourself and relieving some of that unwanted stress from your shoulders.

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