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Navigating the Hidden Job Market

Navigating the current job market is tough, especially for newly-graduated students and first-time job seekers. Most job openings at highly competitive companies seem to go within a few weeks, giving you little time to submit an application and go through the hiring process, but through all this stress and turmoil, where do you search for job openings? According to Zety, almost 50% of all applications come from job boards yet less than 1% of candidates who apply through these boards are offered the position. How can you cut the long lines at these job boards? Welcome to the hidden job market. Brought to you by jobscan, here are a few ways you can navigate the hidden job market.

What is the hidden job market and why is it not advertised?

Now you might be thinking to yourself “Hidden job market? That’s crazy. It’s already hard enough to find a job on job boards. How can I find something hidden”? But in actuality, the hidden job market can make the job search easier and could secure you a more fulfilling position. The hidden job market is comprised of jobs that have not been listed which means they aren’t on job boards, social media, or a company’s website. But why aren’t these jobs advertised?

Posting a job can cost hundreds of dollars and for small, struggling businesses that added expense could be a big deciding factor.

More often than not companies will look within to help in the job search. Many companies have referral programs that invite employees to have an active role in bringing in new teammates they already know.

How do you find jobs In the hidden market?

Network, Network, Network! The best way to take on the hidden job market is through networking and making connections at companies you would like to get your foot in the door.

  • Research these companies to the best of your ability learning about their mission, content, and team members.

  • Locate the contact information and reach out to them. If they are on social media interact with their post.

  • Send them an email about something they have written or an accomplishment and try to build a relationship.

  • Talk to them about what you hope to do and ask if they have any openings. If not, it’s alright, keep in touch and tell them that you’d love to know more about future openings at the company.

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