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Did You Finally Open That Tech Business? Here are Two Tips to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Congratulations on finally opening your very own tech business! You’ve already got that office space ready and the desks are perfectly positioned behind desks but wait before you move on, consumers and your tech competitors are watching! The commitment to an eco-friendly office space could mean more potential, eco-conscious customers and a great way to get that upper edge on some of your competitors. Brought to you by The Environmental Magazine, here are two tips for making eco-friendly decisions for your tech office.

Adopt a Digital Marketing Strategy

There is nothing worse than having unnecessary clutter and pieces of paper scattered throughout an office space. To help manage documents, promote the usage of cloud storage. Ditch outdated marketing like newspaper ads, billboard signs, and flyers by creating an online marketing strategy. Adopt email marketing and embrace social media as a free tool at your disposal. By ditching paper, you and your company will lower your carbon footprint and create a tech-friendly space ready to achieve.

Use Sustainable Products

Promoting and producing sustainable products is a great way to promote your business in the best eco-friendly way. Use cost-effective new technologies in the workspace like eco-friendly light bulbs, stapleless staplers, and new energy-saving computers. Place recycling bins at each desk to promote recycling usage and put waste baskets far from desks or in break rooms. If you decide to have a company vehicle, make sure it too is eco-friendly. Use your vehicle as a source of eco-friendly marketing by showing consumers outside the workspace your promotion of sustainability.

Now you are ready to begin! Get those recycle bins and that electric company car all charged up. With your eco-friendly approach to your office, you will attract the eye of new customers and push your outdated competitors to the curb. To top it all off, you might even save an extra dollar here or there on your bills, profit already!

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