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Columbus Based Investor Commits Future to Women and Minorities in Technology

Columbus-based Rev1 Ventures has made a massive step forward for the future of technology startups in the Ohio capital area. According to The Columbus Dispatch, Rev1 has “Committed $2.8 million to support women and people of color who want to commercialize technologies or start businesses in Columbus.” The $1.4 million grant is a federally funded grant, which Rev1 has matched with its own investment profits, completing the package of $2.8 million. The grant will be used to expand the possibilities of minorities and women in technology, including both support services and intern and fellowship programs.

According to their website, Rev1 Ventures aims to “Build Strong, Scalable Companies” describing themselves as an “Investor startup studio that helps startups scale and corporates innovate.” We see Rev1 doing exactly that as they spearhead this grant. Kristy Campbell, chief operating officer of Rev1 ventures said in a statement to the Columbus Dispatch, “This is a pivotal time for diversity and inclusion – and Rev1 is committed to expanding our network of support and services to help more diverse entrepreneurs build great companies.

To find out more about Rev1 Ventures and its investors, click here.

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