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China Puts Technology Capabilities on Full Display for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

With the 2022 Winter Olympic Games finally underway in Beijing, athletes and spectators are being greeted with some of the world's newest and state-of-the-art technology. With strict COVID-19 protocols at this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, China has made major changes to all aspects of Olympic hospitality. From health tracking surveillance to athletes’ apartments fitted with smart beds, technology in this year’s Winter Olympic Games can give us a sneak peek as to what the technology world might look like in the near future. Brought to you by SupChina, here are a few new technology introductions for this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics.

  • Visitors at the Winter Olympic Village are being served almost entirely by robots at this year’s games. From kitchen to tables robots and other forms of robotic technology are doing all things cooking from flipping burgers, frying French fries, dropping food off at athlete’s tables, and even doing deliveries.

  • The entire Olympic Village has been fitted with smart beds including in athletes’ apartments. Trading out the cardboard bed frames for the previous summer Olympics, this year’s winter Olympics have decided to fit each room with smart beds. These smart beds can monitor breathing and heart rate while athletes rest. The mattresses can register body signatures and send changes in vitals to athlete’s coaches.

  • The energy at this year’s Olympics is almost completely green. Wind and solar energy are being imported from the Zhangbei area north of Beijing in the Hubei Province. The buses and cars in the Olympic Village are also green. Zhangjiakou, where the games are being held, has deployed 80 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and over 700 hydrogen fuel cell busses.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has called this year’s Winter Olympic Games the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics”. We see this technology in nearly every aspect of the games from the 5G internet in the Olympic Village, to the robots in the food courts, and even the smart beds in the athlete’s apartments, technology is in every aspect of the games. But will this technology help bring home Olympic gold? Go Team USA from everyone here at Transcendio Talent!!

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