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3 Ways to Encourage Physical Fitness in the Workplace

Finding a way to juggle work and keep a healthy lifestyle can be challenging and exhausting. With a majority of people working from a seated position in the technology industry, companies and corporations are beginning to promote the usage of physical activity to combat the health-related issues of sitting for nearly 6+ hours. Brought to you by Top Fitness Magazine, here are three ways that you can encourage physical fitness in your own business or workplace.

Give pedometers to your employees.

One of the easiest ways to promote physical activity is to count your steps with the usage of a pedometer. By handing out pedometers to your employees, you and your employees can create a steps-based working environment. Creating workplace competition based on a number of steps per employee or creating a department or workplace daily step goal can be great ways to boost daily individual step counts.

Stock vending machines with healthy foods and snacks.

Though not directly associated with physical fitness, removing unhealthy snacks and foods from workplace vending machines is a good way to encourage employees to choose healthy options. By removing sugar-filled pops and replacing them with water or putting aside chips in place of granola bars, employees are given the option to choose a healthy snack while they are becoming physically fit in the workplace.

Have a walking meeting.

Most conventional meetings are held in a meeting room where employees sit around a desk, however by having a walking meeting, you and your employees can get some fresh air while talking about fresh new topics! Make sure when you do a walking meeting everyone wears those pedometers so that you can track your steps while you walk and discuss the meeting information.

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