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Confident Woman

We aim to increase diversity within tech teams with the help of talented minorities to improve workforce loyalty and growth.

Companies with 30% or more female leadership are 6% more profitable

What we do


Step 1

Transcendio specializes in finding talented women and underrepresented minorities with relevant experience that will help your organization deliver innovative products.


We begin by prospecting for eligible candidates with relevant experiences for positions such as: Project management, workflow management, team leadership, road mapping, budget management, industry knowledge, and more. 

Image by Arlington Research
Image by Mimi Thian

Step 2

We then interview the candidates for a personality fit. We look for a passion and strong drive in learning, flexibility, initiative, ability to perform under stress, and social awareness.

Next we provide a crash course on tech to prepare the candidate to transition to tech. Only after we ensure the candidate is committed, has the relevant experience, and right personality do we present the candidate to interested organizations for appropriate roles. To ensure success, we also offer continued mentorship to the candidate.

Available IT Leadership Candidates
• Project Managers
• Scrum Masters
• Business Analysts
• Quality Analysts
​• Product Owners
• Product Managers
• Support Specialists
​• Program Coordinators
• Release Managers
• Configuration Specialists

How we can help you grow

Why is this important?

Research shows that diverse teams are more innovative, and diverse companies outperform homogeneous companies. It makes sense – to benefit from diverse perspectives, you need a team with diverse backgrounds.


Adding women and underrepresented minorities with relevant experience will enable your organization to generate better ideas, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Since tech positions are well compensated, we've found great success transitioning experienced leaders into entry-level tech positions.


  • Candidates benefit from similar or even better compensation packages.

  • Companies benefit from seasoned, energized leaders who will drive amazing outcomes.


Organizations across industries are starting to implement formal diversity hiring, as it's the right thing to do and they've seen it help their competitors. However, tech organizations are struggling because they are all competing for the same pool of existing talent.

These organizations are setting themselves up for failure, creating a revolving door of talent without growing the number of women and minorities in tech. That's where we come in.

Image by Christina @
Image by Christina @

Our approach helps your organization hire for diversity, and increases the number of women and minorities in tech. Your organization grows, diversity increases in tech, and your new employees begin changing the world.

What people are saying

Cari Powell

"I'm a hiring manager. I just need to get going"

614 Magazine

"Transcendio is helping women unlock their true potential in the booming technology field"


"A tech power player"


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